Confessions of a Teen in Quarantine

Well, 2020 is well under way
New things happened just like they said
But now as I lie here in my bed

I’m wondering if they knew
We’d experience this fear and dread
Not business as usual but isolation instead.

I wonder if they know
All the one-sided reports we’re being fed Creates panic in our head.

Even I as a teen know this truth
Not all those suffering end up dead
There are places where the virus has not spread.

I don’t mind this quarantine
Staying home helps me look ahead
And process all that I’ve read.

2020 is well under way
I may not be able to shed
The loneliness, but I can keep my head.

I can’t go to school but I can do my part
And stay home instead
Maybe learn a new skill like how to bake bread.

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