Confessions of a Teen in Quarantine

Well, 2020 is well under way
New things happened just like they said
But now as I lie here in my bed

I’m wondering if they knew
We’d experience this fear and dread
Not business as usual but isolation instead.

I wonder if they know
All the one-sided reports we’re being fed Creates panic in our head.

Even I as a teen know this truth
Not all those suffering end up dead
There are places where the virus has not spread.

I don’t mind this quarantine
Staying home helps me look ahead
And process all that I’ve read.

2020 is well under way
I may not be able to shed
The loneliness, but I can keep my head.

I can’t go to school but I can do my part
And stay home instead
Maybe learn a new skill like how to bake bread.

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Confessions of A Teen on the First Day of School

I spent the summer
Avoiding the thought
This day would come.

Yes, I bought the right clothes
Changed my hair
Updated my phone.

None of that helped me
Shake this anxiousness

Will this year be different?
Will it be a success?

Do I have what it takes
To finish this year strong?

Will I be able to bounce back
When things go wrong?

As I walk through the door
And look down the hall

I see the familiar faces
Of those who watched me fall.

The seem surprised I made it back
From last year’s anxiety attack.

But, I realize I am stronger now
I know I can survive.

This year will be my best
Because I am still alive.

This is my fresh start
And I take it as a gift

That I will share with others
Who just might need a lift.

This is the beginning of hope
Absent of fear

This is the beginning
Of a successful year.

Hopeful Thoughts by CiMosley ’19

Confessions of a Runaway Teen

Someone said I could find it
Outside of my home
But now that I’m out here
I feel more alone.

I thought I could make it
I felt certain I had the skills
To keep myself alive
But these hunger pains are really hard to kill.

No one looks at me out here.
People don’t seem to notice
I’m wondering around in circles,
And I’m all out of focus

Except the ones who want what I have.
I know they don’t care.
But I’m hoping they turn out to be
Hope in my despair.

They aren’t.
I feel used.
I feel disconnected.
I feel abused.

I need to go back home.
So, I guess I’ll turn around.
What I thought was missing,
I still haven’t found.

Maybe what I needed
Was there all along.
I was so busy wishing that I couldn’t see
All I wanted was a home.

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Help for Runaways

Confessions of an Intellectual Teen

Yes, I’m smart.

Some admire my thoughts

While others make fun.

Some encourage me to explore

While others want me to ignore

My ability to dig deep

While they just want to sleep.

Well, I have a desire and a drive

To see the world survive

The drought of concern

For humans who discern

The difference between

What is clean and clean.

I think about what is to come

More than what’s already been done.

I want my life to matter

To live above the clatter

Of just getting by

And going through the motions until I die.

I don’t want to just live up to my potential

I want to leave footprints and be intentional

About changing the world.

Confessions of a Bored Teen

Boredom and I don’t mix.
We just can’t seem to get along.
Because when it closes in
All kinds of things go wrong.

I did a lot of things
I probably should not
Because I would be in trouble
If I got caught.

Picking up the remote
Is a waste of time.
Nothing is ever showing
To stimulate my mind.

I try the “Tube” for some laughs.
Get ideas for a prank.
But my execution
Is a super tank.

I draw all over my arms
To fake a tattoo.
I try using laundry pods
For a fresh smelling shampoo.

I get creative with scissors
And cut things I shouldn’t.
I even try cutting a tree limb
And found that I couldn’t.

I get back on my phone
Because books have no action.
I’d rather surf my Apps
For a distraction.

“Snap” blew my cover
When I tried to post some skin.
So my parents have
Disabled my phone again.

Now I’m dressed in old clothes
Scrubbing windows, floors, and doors
All because I don’t know what to do
When I get bored.