Confessions of a Teen in Love for the First Time

So this is what they talk about

In the movies

In the songs.

I didn’t think I would experience this.

Now you’ve come along.

I’m learning something new.

Not just about you,

But about myself–

How deep I can be.

This is new

to me.

I like where I am right now.

I feel more than I have.

I see through eyes

Covered with the salve

Of your adoration,

Such fascination!

This infatuation

is bliss.

Confessions of a Runaway Teen

Someone said I could find it
Outside of my home
But now that I’m out here
I feel more alone.

I thought I could make it
I felt certain I had the skills
To keep myself alive
But these hunger pains are really hard to kill.

No one looks at me out here.
People don’t seem to notice
I’m wondering around in circles,
And I’m all out of focus

Except the ones who want what I have.
I know they don’t care.
But I’m hoping they turn out to be
Hope in my despair.

They aren’t.
I feel used.
I feel disconnected.
I feel abused.

I need to go back home.
So, I guess I’ll turn around.
What I thought was missing,
I still haven’t found.

Maybe what I needed
Was there all along.
I was so busy wishing that I couldn’t see
All I wanted was a home.

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Confessions of a Distracted Teen

In junior high school
I thought it was cool

That my parents gave me a phone
And left me alone

But I quickly discovered
I was more secure when they hovered.

I didn’t have too much access
To things that caused mess.

I used to have encouragement
And I was really content.

My secret life has me confused
At times I feel abused

Because no one intervenes
When I encounter the obscene.

No one is there to embrace
When I fall on my face.

I forget to complete tasks
I snap when someone asks

Me to put my phone away
And listen to what they want to say.

I guess it’s not so cool
Because at times I act a fool.

I need correction
I need direction

Because getting in trouble at school
Is not so cool.