Confessions of a Bored Teen

Boredom and I don’t mix.
We just can’t seem to get along.
Because when it closes in
All kinds of things go wrong.

I did a lot of things
I probably should not
Because I would be in trouble
If I got caught.

Picking up the remote
Is a waste of time.
Nothing is ever showing
To stimulate my mind.

I try the “Tube” for some laughs.
Get ideas for a prank.
But my execution
Is a super tank.

I draw all over my arms
To fake a tattoo.
I try using laundry pods
For a fresh smelling shampoo.

I get creative with scissors
And cut things I shouldn’t.
I even try cutting a tree limb
And found that I couldn’t.

I get back on my phone
Because books have no action.
I’d rather surf my Apps
For a distraction.

“Snap” blew my cover
When I tried to post some skin.
So my parents have
Disabled my phone again.

Now I’m dressed in old clothes
Scrubbing windows, floors, and doors
All because I don’t know what to do
When I get bored.

Confessions of a Distracted Teen

In junior high school
I thought it was cool

That my parents gave me a phone
And left me alone

But I quickly discovered
I was more secure when they hovered.

I didn’t have too much access
To things that caused mess.

I used to have encouragement
And I was really content.

My secret life has me confused
At times I feel abused

Because no one intervenes
When I encounter the obscene.

No one is there to embrace
When I fall on my face.

I forget to complete tasks
I snap when someone asks

Me to put my phone away
And listen to what they want to say.

I guess it’s not so cool
Because at times I act a fool.

I need correction
I need direction

Because getting in trouble at school
Is not so cool.

Confessions of a Lonely Teen

Here one day
Gone the next.
Here again.
Gone again.

I can’t remember a time
When the door
Wasn’t swinging
They were leaving once more.

So here I sit
Watching the world go by
Do I reach out again?
Should I even try?

I want to open up.
But that hasn’t worked so far.
Letting people in
Has only broken my heart.

I will try again today
To make a new friend
Maybe this time I will connect
To someone who won’t pretend.

Confessions of a Wounded Teen

Sometimes I lash out.

Sometimes I shout.

Sometimes I pout.

Sometimes I stomp about.

Sometimes I cry.

Sometimes I lie.

Sometimes I shut down.

Sometimes I just lay around.

Sometimes I wear a frown.

Sometimes I wear a smile.

Sometimes I walk for miles.

Sometimes nothing is right.

Sometimes I don’t sleep at night.

Sometimes I want to disappear.

Sometimes I tremor in fear.

Most of the time I need people to see

I want them to just let me be

To let me hurt privately

I will open up eventually.

When I’m ready.

Can We Pray?

I published my new episode May 9, 2019 Can We Pray?, please check it out

Psalm 8:1-2 (VOICE)
O Eternal, our Lord,
Your majestic name is heard throughout the earth;
Your magnificent glory shines far above the skies.
2 From the mouthsand souls of infants and toddlers, the most innocent,
You have decreed power to stop Your adversaries
and quash those who seek revenge.

Confessions of An Angry Teen

They told me to breathe

To let the anger go

To shake things off

And not to let my feelings show.

So when I took a deep breath

I stuffed the fury inside

Until one day

I could no longer hide.

I exploded everywhere.

No one was safe from my frown.

Not even the forecasted storm

Felt safe to come around.

As I stomped about

Glaring and in rage

I found myself

In the spotlight on a stage.

People saw a side of me

I really hate to share

Because it never fails

To cause them to stare.

They saw me raw

From the inside out

Especially when I had the nerve

To begin to cry and shout.

Yes, I made a fool of myself

In the middle of a crowd.

My display of anger

Was extremely big and loud.

Maybe they should have told me

To breathe and confess

When something bothers me

To get it off my chest.

But I might have missed

The lesson that I learned.

Suppressing feelings

Only leaves you burned.

Now I know that when angry

Breathe, pause, and reflect

Consider the consequences

Of not keeping my rage in check.

Talk about my feelings

Let someone know.

I need someone to listen

To help me let it go.

I had to find another way

To let it all out


A shout

A pout

And stomping about.

Pushing Through


Can’t stop now
Can’t quit
Can’t give in
Can’t die

I’m pushing through
I’m moving ahead
I’m going to win the battle
Warring in my head.

I’m pushing through
I’m going to win
Even if it means
I have to begin again.