Confessions of a Teen in Love for the First Time

So this is what they talk about

In the movies

In the songs.

I didn’t think I would experience this.

Now you’ve come along.

I’m learning something new.

Not just about you,

But about myself–

How deep I can be.

This is new

to me.

I like where I am right now.

I feel more than I have.

I see through eyes

Covered with the salve

Of your adoration,

Such fascination!

This infatuation

is bliss.

Confessions of a Teenage Girl Who Hangs out with Boys

Why do you hang out with boys?

Because I don’t like girls.

Why don’t you like girls?


Mess causes me stress.

Catty and chatty make me batty.

When I hang out with the fellas

I don’t need to compete

Or change myself in any way

To feel complete.

I fit in with my boys

Because we like the same toys

And none of them get mad for no reason.

None of them laugh when I wear something out of season.

In other words, I feel free to just be me

Without all the drama in the club of “She”.