It Flows

She wasn’t invited,
But she couldn’t miss this.
He would be there
And she had to see Him.

She slipped in unnoticed
She couldn’t help herself.
He was there, looking like
Forgiveness and love.

This is what she needed
She could finally breathe.
He smiled and she fell on her knees.

The tears began to flow
His feet got wet, but she knew
How to dry them.

It was only hair and oil.
She owed Him so much.
He had given her so much.

The more her tears flowed
Love flowed from Him.

She heard what He told the others
Who sneered at her display.
She couldn’t help it.

She adored Him and what His presence meant.
He described to them her truth.
He knew the real her.

And He loved her anyway.

Luke 7:36 – 50

When the world tries to make you feel less than worthy, less than who you really are. Remember there is a God who knows the real you and He loves you. He loves you with no strings attached. He is waiting for you to bring your adoration and your heart to Him. He will accept you just as you are.

two yellow sunflowers with clear glass bottle with cork lid
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