Gratitude Road

Job did it
Samson, too.
David sang it.
What about you?

When her heart was heavy
Hannah found a way
So did Daniel
When he knelt to pray.

Saying “thank you”
When things look bad
Will help us find joy
When we are sad.

Our hearts can know pleasure
When we are under attack.
Because we can be confident
That God’s got our back.

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Want to make a bad situation better?

Find something to be thankful about while you’re in the middle of it.

It’s hard to drown in misery when we are being thankful. Even though we have been promised a future of hope, we still face difficulty and hardship. How we respond to trying circumstances often determines the length of the hardship. The children of Israel’s journey from Egypt to their Promised Land would have been much shorter if they had resisted the urge to grumble and complain when they were uncomfortable.

The journey itself was something to be thankful for because they were struggling under the hand of brutal taskmasters. God had made a way for them to leave and with everything they would need for their exit.

The shortest path through our misery is called “gratitude”. It’s hard to be miserable when we are being grateful.

What difficult circumstances are you facing today? Can you find something to thank the Lord for about it?

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