God’s Hidden Agenda

Ever take a step
Only to slip and fall?
Took a leap of faith
But eventually lost it all?

You laid your heart on the line
And had it crushed and bruised.
Reached out to help some one
And walked away feeling used.

So you determined within yourself
To never repeat
Settled in your mind
To never again risk defeat.

Perhaps you went too far.
What you expected wasn’t God’s intent.
Maybe you were to only be an ambassador
To the places you were sent.

There are times when the Father
Has a plan we cannot see or feel
But that doesn’t mean your time was wasted.
He simply had more of Himself to reveal.

So even though you may not see it
You may not comprehend.
The effort you made had a kingdom purpose.
And it’s the Lord to portend.

Have you ever put yourself out there to help someone in the name of the Lord, only to be rejected or faced ungrateful attitudes? You had the best intention. You wanted to be a blessing or you had the solution to an issue someone was facing, but they refused to listen.

You may have become frustrated or angry deciding that would be the last time you went out of your way to help someone. You decided that in the future you would keep your mouth shut. No one would get an opportunity to use or abuse you again.

Have you ever considered that the refusal or rejection you faced had a purpose far greater than your act or words of love and counsel? Could it be that God knew more was going to be needed to accomplish His purpose?

God may have a hidden agenda that involved something so powerful that the eventual outcome would be talked about for generations. Your act was a seed, an introduction to what God has planned.

You may not see it or feel it, but God is working. Continue to partner with Him. You are God’s hands, heart, and feet on earth. Keep reaching out. Embrace the pain and rejection. God has a plan for it all.

Exodus 7:3

But I will make Pharaoh stubborn so that he will not do what you tell him. Then I will do many miracles in Egypt to prove who I AM.

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